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THE MYSTERY OF DIGITAL EXPERIENCE The more professional online marketing grows, the more important digital experience becomes. Customer experience is of the highest value for the brands that care about their authority. So, moving beyond the product optimization and focusing more attention on clients and their ideas is means to an end.

WHY DESIGN REALLY MATTERS We are a digital design agency and we are all about discovering new designs and approaches. We have a strong belief that a powerful web design can make any business (either a startup or a corporations with years on the market) a success. What do you need a web design for?

CONCEPT AND DESIGN We believe that web design is a multi-layered process. Your website naturally needs to look appealing, giving reason to stay and browse, but needs to deliver this in a logical and creative way that achieves your goals.

We consult with you to develop an understanding of your business or service, the vision and purpose you have for your site and the style you would like this to be portrayed.

We then research and develop the best concepts for your product and service and then present you with our recommendations and examples for an optimal online campaign.

Green Frog sets out the tried and tested phases in our web design process as the first step in the project. Each phase involves close consultation with the client, and the project won’t progress until the client has signed off each phase.

Updates & Re-Design of Old Websites We will happily make any alterations or changes to your website. Whether you want a re-design or a bit of new content, we can get it done quickly and easily! Regular updates to content will increase your websites online success too. Search Engines rank websites on how current, relevant and useful your content is. If the website is abandoned, the site will be much harder for people to find online as it will be ranked lower on search engine results pages.

All websites need to be maintained and checked for security reasons too. Website software (or scripts) become outdated quickly and are soft targets for malware and hacking. Simple software updates don’t take us long to do and can save you thousands of dollars in lost business, downtime and re-builds.
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